Mentoring Programme

UKCWS is pleased to initiate a new programme: Mentoring Programme. The conception of mentor and mentee pairing is established by the model of “pass on (inheritance and communication), help (help and guidance), and lead (leading to the right direction)”. Mentors share experience, resolve issues, explore the opportunities with mentees through online one-to-one meeting. With the assistance of the mentors, mentees should be able to achieve several goals in the following at the end of the program: 

  • How to get to know themselves better 
  • How to discover their maximum potential
  • How to cherish their life and live life to the fullest
  • How to deal with all kinds of troubles in Career Development 

Mentor and mentee pairing is carried out once every three weeks by online communication. Face-to-Face meeting is also feasible according to the actual situation.  


Find out more about Mentoring Programme and How do we carry out? 


Here are some quotes from our mentees:

“This mentor experience was really amazing. I really like my mentor, Lin. She not only excel in leadership and work ethic but also enjoys her life well. Lin gave me encouragements and practical suggestions according to my own situation, giving me a great boost in confidence. This helped me find the balance between reality and ambition. Now I enjoy exploring who I am and my chosen career path. I also want to share one sentence said by Lin: we perform our best when we are who we are. Thank Lin for sharing the light with me.” 

It is very powerful help that I had in the first two years of my career. Learn a way to find and solve problems to achieve goals is very important. Through out this programme, I have a clearer plan for my future.”