Safeguarding Children and Young People Limited Policy and Procedure

The aim of this policy is to ensure the safety of children and young people accessing services organised by UK Chinese Women Connect Association (UKCWC).


UKCWC is committed to supporting the right of children and young people to be protected from abuse and neglect and to making sure all staff and volunteers work together, and act promptly when dealing with allegations or suspicions of abuse or neglect.  The principal pieces of legislation governing this policy are:


  • Working together to safeguard Children 2015
  • The 2004 Children Act
  • The Children Act 1989
  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006
  • Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998


We think that: 


SAFEGUARDING IS EVERYBODY’S BUSINESS – Safeguarding is the responsibility of everyone. We will work together to prevent and minimise abuse. If we have concerns that someone is being abused our loyalty to the child or young person comes before anything else. 


DOING NOTHING IS NOT AN OPTION – If you see or hear it pass it on – think what if I’m right not what if I’m wrong.


In the light of the nature of the work undertaken, and in line with current legislation the activities undertaken would be deemed as non regulated activity and will not require a DBS check.


When working with children and young people UKCWC will ensure that they will: 


  • Promote their health and welfare;   
  • Respect and promote their rights; 
  • Work in a way which safeguards the wellbeing of each child or young person and protect them from abuse and neglect; 
  • Take appropriate steps if they became aware of any signs / incidents of abuse and neglect;  
  • Ensure group members and volunteers are not left unsupervised with children or young people, or to attend to their personal care needs.  


Policy Aims 


  • To promote good practice and ensure that workers are able to work in an environment where there is irregular and low intensity contact with  children or young people with confidence;  
  • To provide children and young people with appropriate safety and protection whilst in the company of participating workers;
  • To allow workers to make informed and confident responses to specific Safeguarding issues;  
  • Monitor the level of contact with children and young people to ensure that the contact is infrequent and of low intensity and below the threshold of a DBS check (regulated activity is 4 times or more in any 30 day period);
  • To ensure that children/ young people and their carers (if appropriate) are aware of what to do if they have a concern and that they would feel confident to pass their concern on. 

The person in receipt of allegations or suspicions of abuse should report concerns as soon as possible to the Committee who is nominated by the Board of Trustees to act on their behalf in dealing with the allegation or suspicion of neglect or abuse, including referring the matter on to the statutory authorities.

Where the concern is about a child the Committee should contact Children’s Social Services. The local Children’s Social Services office telephone number (office hours) is 0345 045 5203. The out of hours emergency number is 01733 234724.