「Hear Her Voice」6:?

[Theme review]

The sixth “Hear Her Voice” activity was a regular speech exercise, hosted by Huang Xinyao. Four guests introduced “Build your resilient Operating System”; “The implication of the 5 Love Languages”; “3 psychology tips that I found useful”; “In the involution, should we be laid-back?”. The guest and host introduction and video playback of this speech sharing session are as follows.

Guest:Juan Gao

Juan Gao is a senior application engineering manager at Arm Ltd Cambridge UK, leading the Machine Learning & HPC solution support team. Juan has a master’s degree in computer science from Shanghai Jiaotong University and an MBA from the Open University. Before moving to the UK in 2009, Juan lived in Tuebingen, Germany and worked as a software developer in Stuttgart, where she picked up German as a third language. She enjoys the fulfilment from work and spending time with her son and family. She also loves food, painting, reading, and is interested in culture, and personal development. Juan commits to various charity activities, and is looking forward to working with more interesting minds to make the world a better place.



Presentation Topic – Build your resilient Operating System

Guest:Lin Zhu


Lin is a Credit Risk Quant at Barclays Investment bank. Prior to the current role, she had several startup experiences. She graduated with a PhD degree and a MSc degree from Imperial College London. She is a mother of one, and a pet lover having a Maltese dog and Ragdoll cat. She enjoys swimming, hiking, travelling around the world and learning from new challenges.


Presentation topic – The implication of the 5 Love Languages



Pinzhen is an Associate in the Institutional Securities Technology division at Morgan Stanley based in London. She graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2018 with a Distinction Master’s Degree in Computing Science.

Presentation topic – 3 psychology tips that I found useful

Guest: Ziying Lin

A student from Imperial College London, Ziying is a slash girl who works hard and plays hard. She loves doing entrepreneurial projects, charity, and discovering interesting things.


Presentation  topic – In the involution, Should we be laid-back?

Check the full video below.