「Hear Her Voice」4:Public Speaking Practice

[Theme review]


[The fourth “Hear Her Voice” activity was a regular speech exercise, hosted by Huang Xinyao. Four guests talked about “What is Emotional Intelligence?”; “My observations in London”; “Homeless around us” and “My emotional journey as a victim of Hate Crime”. The guest and host introduction and video playback of this speech sharing session are as follows.]

Guest:Jinping Huang


Jinping is a Software Quality Assurance Tester experienced in functional testing. she enjoys gardening, travelling, and learning new skills.
In the 1st speech, Jingping elaborated her understanding about Emotional Intelligence from relevant literature, shared personal stories and provided helpful practical tips about managing emotions and emphasize with others. 

Guest:Julia Shen


A chartered accountant, Julia works at Man Group as a Financial and Regulatory Reporting Manager. She graduated from London School of Economics. She enjoys doing volunteer work for charities helping both young and older people. She is also a volunteer in Finance at UKCWC.


With a good sense of humor, Julia brought us a talk show.  Her stories about typical stereotypes vs reality brought audience a good laugh. 

Guest:Qiongzhi Hu


Qiongzhi has been in the UK for 10 years. A chartered accountant,  she is particularly interested in rescue and crisis situations. Her recent work focuses on financial restructuring of stressed and distressed companies. 
Qiongzhi shared her observations, feelings and researches about the social issue of homelessness. Her well organised speech and enthusiasm about the topic resonated with a large group of audiences. 

Guest:Sally Zhou


A PhD in Applied Psychology from the University of Nottingham, Sally is a Senior Executive at Asia Business Centre at the University of Nottingham, specializing in
identifying and driving specific collaborations between Asian corporates and the University.


Sally shared her story as a victim of hate incident. Her vivid story telling brought audiences a fully immersive experience and sparked good discussions at the end.

Check the full video below.