Our events are organised with the idea of bringing us together. They are fun and sociable. We often  invite guest speakers to share their inside views of different topics to broaden your horizon and to integrate within our society.

Let's Talk Rubbish

Protect our environment and human life.

Birgitta Laurent is a recycling coordinator and runs a volunteer recycling champions scheme for Greater Cambridge Shared Waste. What happens to our waste when it leaves our houses?

Health Care

How do we support & fight against the Covid-19?

Four medical professionals discuss what it is like to work at hospitals in the UK. What is the challenge to work in health care? Our guests share their experience of being Chinese doctor in the fight against the Covid Pandemic.Continue reading...(in Mandarin Chinese)

Life is beautiful

Interview with chairwoman of UKCWC.

Qun Yang, the founder of the British Biotech Company Biorbyt and the president of UKCWC. Together we discuss difficulties in life, work and family life balance, entrepreneurship and studies. Continue reading...

Mental Health Awareness

Second Talk - Doctor Zhang Rui

We understand women's stress and care about women's mental health, especially in this difficult time. Dr Zhang continued to giving second talk which cover from psychology theory to practical tips in this topic.Continue reading...(in Mandarin Chinese)

Mental Health Awareness

First Talk - UCL Student Ariana

During these difficult times, Mental health has been at the forefront for many people as society struggles to come to terms about the dramatic change in our daily lives. We organised and encouraged the community to discuss this topic. Ariana gave the first about Mental health Awareness. Continue reading...(in Mandarin Chinese)


1. Congratulations to Yue Wang, winner of Outstanding Woman Engineer of the year award by Cambridge Wireless. 

2. Lin Yue is recognised as one of the HERoes 100 Women Future Leaders List 2020 (List No.44). We are very proud of her!