Our events are organised with the idea of bringing us together. They are fun and sociable. We often  invite guest speakers to share their inside views of different topics to broaden your horizon and to integrate within our society.

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Content:Demystifying Feminism 

Time:19/02/2022 19:00 GMT


Location: Zoom meeting


Meeting ID: 841 2287 2340


Passcode: 425716



Yiting F



Julia Shen


During the past few years, the women’s movement has become increasingly active. Since International Women’s Day is approaching, we invited feminist Yiting F to promote feminism and discuss some of the problems and misunderstandings surrounding feminism next Sunday.


Several topics will be discussed in this event. Participation is open to everyone. This talk will be given in Chinese.


Topics including but not limited to:


👉 What is feminism?

👉 Why are feminists so extreme?

👉 Are feminists just trying to swap places with men?

👉 Is feminism to provoke gender antagonism and intensify gender conflicts?

👉 Is gender equality to ignore gender differences? 

👉 Aren’t women already highly respected? Nowadays men and women are very equal. 

👉 Women have more choices and can become a stay-at-home mum, but men don’t have many choices – if not making money men would be frowned upon.

👉 Women choose to become a stay-at-home mum voluntarily. Men work hard to make money for the family, and we need men to protect women if there is war.

👉 Why it’s not a good question to ask a woman (or a man) how to balance work and life?


Please join us and share your thoughts and ideas about Feminism.



Yiting F


Yiting F worked in hedge funds for five years, then worked part-time for a year as a full-time mother, and then returned full-time to school at Georgia Tech, where she earned an MSc in Computer Science. She is now a Software Engineer and a Feminist thought leader.





Julia Shen, The Secretary-General of UKCWC.


Julia Shen is a chartered accountant who works in finance in an investment bank, advocates feminism, supports the rights of women, LGBTQs’ rights, minority groups, and diversity and inclusion.