「Hear Her Voice」3:Improving public speaking

[Theme review]


[The third “Hear Her Voice” activity was a regular speech exercise, hosted by Huang Xinyao. Four guests introduced “A Shining Star in Chinese Culture and Creative industry”; “The whole brain child”; “How to find a partner”; “What a new year present”!

Guest:Xinxiang Ju


Xinxiang studies communication and media in Budapest. She is very interested in Culture and creative industries.


Presentation Topic – A Shining Star in Chinese Culture and Creative industry.

Guest:Qingxi Liu



Qingxi works at JP Morgan as a product manager. She is also a chartered accountant. She graduated from Cass Business School in London. She is a mother of a one year old son and a child sponsor of a seven year old Bolivian girl. In her spare time, She enjoys travelling, yoga and dancing. 


Presentation topic – The whole brain child.

Guest:Xinran Wang


Xinran is a Leeds Uni student majoring in MSc Sustainability and Business. She is interested in sociology and psychology. 


Presentation  topic – How to find a partner.

Guest:Dr Xiaomei Ouyang


Dr Xiaomei is a Member of UK Healthcare Professional Council and a Fellow of Royal Society of Medicine.

She works at Cambridge University Addenbrooke’s Hospital as a Clinical Scientist. She is also a mother of three children. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, gardening and dancing.
Presentation topic – What a new year present!