An unwanted side effect from the pandemic has seen an increase in abuse against people of Asian origin. From people shouting abuse to actually physically attacking people. This is not acceptable in any form in these difficult times. At UKCWC we looked to see how we can help and educate ourselves plus others in this area. 

We are proud to participate in the initiative on hate crime organised by the Chinese Welfare Trust. The new hate crime project held on the 9th and 16th January was funded by the National Lottery to benefit a number of community groups across England. Along with other Chinese community groups, five of our committee members attended the training. More information can be found at Covid-related Hate | Protection Approaches.

We are aware that hate crimes against Chinese women have happened recently. This training has helped us to advise our groups to distinguish hate incidents and hate crimes. We now know when the right time is to seek for the right help. 

The detailed information is attached below. We will continuously attend the training and support our groups in this matter. 

Internal Hate Crime session – What has hate crime got to do with me?

Hate crime is a topic that perhaps you are familiar with, or perhaps you are unfamiliar with it. We often hear about it in the news, but in real life it is uncertain if the things we encounter are classified as a hate crime or hate incident. If you believe other people are in jeopardy of receiving hate crime, is it worth making a fuss and reporting the crime? As this is a societal issue, is it necessary to only think of oneself? Should we report our concerns of safety? Is it useful?  Read more…