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In partnership with Tsinghua Horizon program, UKCWC has been honoured to invite its member Sylvia Lu, FRSA (Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) a renowned keynote speaker on 5G, to demystify 5G and share the latest developments in the industry.


Guest Speaker

A multi-award-winning engineer and inventor, a non-executive director, advisor and ambassador. Sylvia has over a decade of experience in the Telecoms industry for four mobile generations (2G, 3G, 4G and 5G) and was recently recognized as one of the UK’s Top 50 Women in Engineering. 


Sylvia is the Head of Technology Strategy at u-blox, a Swiss creator and global leader of wireless chipset and modules, where she heads cellular technology strategy, global standards and industry alliances. Sylvia holds several NED seats on national and global industry boards (5G-ACIA, UK5G and CW (Cambridge Wireless)), and provides industry-focused, independent advice to policy panels and the government on future plans for 5G developments. She recently joined the IET UK Digital Panel, helps to raise awareness of societal impacts of emerging technologies in relation to resilience of cross-sector infrastructure.

Sylvia operates on an international stage as keynote speaker on 5G, emerging technologies and global standards for a wide range of stakeholders (highlights incl. House of Lords, United Nation’s International Telecommunication Union, Mobile World Congress, Ofcom, IET, IEEE), and contributes to industrial magazines and journals, some of which have been translated into 6 languages with a global reach.


Handpicked as an Ambassador of the Women of the Future (WoF) programme; inspires and empowers female engineers and future leaders as a role model and through appearances and talks at schools and universities. Sylvia passionately promotes diversity and inclusion, winning several special recognition for work on empowering future female trailblazers.


Slyvia Lu started with an overview of the history of 5G and how over time it has developed, from 2G to now we have 5G. She discussed some functional use cases of what 5G could provide society and in particular went into her specific specialism of Manufacturing. This includes: 
Factory Automation, Process Automation, Human-machine interface, Logistics and warehousing etc. The Economic potential of 5G could be worth $13.2 trillion in next 15 year with in particular $4.7T in manufacturing.  
She also covered some interesting topics such as:
The transformation from 4G to 5G, the potential of 5G communities. Why society will not move from 4G 100%. 
5G use cases: Agriculture, Tourism, Health, Social care and Robotics. 
How valuable 5G can be in helping our everyday lives. 
Does 5G works if you are not within 12 meters of 5G tower? 
Latest 5G Trials in the UK

Please check the video below to learn more about 5G from one of the esteemed speaker.

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