What is Mentoring Programme? How do we carry out?


Mentoring Programme is designed for UKCWC volunteers (mentees). The goal is to help volunteers to understand themselves and explore their potential in life and work. 

1. Pairing Objectives

Help mentees to face the troubles in life and workplace.

2. The content of the Pairing Activity

  • One-to-one mentoring is based on the use of one-to-one conversations between mentors and mentees focusing on solving mentee’s issues. Mentees should submit the issues in advance to mentors before the meeting commences, and then discuss the solutions together during the series meetings.
  • The briefings of the meeting should be recorded for review before the next meeting. 

3. Pairing principle

Combination of voluntary and overall planning.

4. Pairing relationship

  • Mentors: UKCWC member who are outstanding and have experience, determination and temperament to be a helpful guide in the life and workplace. 
  • Mentees: Current or former UKCWC volunteers with intention of pairing.

5. Pairing Procedure

Individual application → UKCWC Committee coordination → Associating mentors and mentees → Sign up an oral agreement → Commencing programme

  • Mentees register the programme, UKCWC Committee co-ordinate with mentees.
  • According to the requests of mentees, UKCWC Committee groups the pairs of mentors and mentees.
  • Mentees should submit the issues to mentors in advance before the first meeting is launched.
  • Mentors define the tasks and set goals.
  • Formally commence pairing activities.

6. Pairing Period

  • Once every three weeks, a total of four times. The total duration is three months.
  • The concrete time of meeting is discussed and decided by mentors and mentees. 

7. Responsibilities of Mentor and Mentee

  • Mentors: Achieve “Three lead”: pass on (inheritance and communication), help (help and guide), and lead (leading to the right direction). 
  • Mentees: Achieve “Three learnings”: learning ideas, learning experience, learn to be an upright person.

8. Specific Requirement


  • Analyse the issues of mentee (current, short-term or long-term).
  • Summarize the discussion content with mentees and record it in the One-to-One Mentoring Plan.


  • Write the issues and needs into the One-to-One Mentoring Plan in advance, and then submit it to mentors one week before.
  • Summarize the discussion content with mentors and record it in the One-to-One Mentoring Plan.
  • Submit the One-to-One Mentoring Plan to UKCWC committee afterwards. 

9. Management and Evaluation

  • Organizers: Grace Ping, Yue Wang and Yan Wei. 
  • Summary: Organizers to evaluate the first phase pairing activities.